We want to be there for you on your special day.
This unique day of your life is a creative opportunity for us.



We realize that the wishes of every new couple are different. We aim to be flexible - whether the newlyweds
want a lunch like at Grandma's, the always popular boho style or a completely non-traditional Asian menu
ending with a traditional cake from Cukrář Skála.

We do not only arrange wedding receptions in Prague, we have also organised events in such places as the
Město-Moře multifunctional space in Holešovice, the Bon Repos castle, the Villa Dom Carli location,
the guesthouse Na Kmíně, Na Staré Poště or Šlechtovka in the middle of Prague's Stromovka.

Try a traditional broth with liver dumplings, the beloved sirloin in a creamy vegetable sauce,
an afternoon BBQ for all wedding guests as well as a sweet buffet full of Czech classic desserts
prepared in an innovative way, for example mini éclairs
with salted caramel and strawberry mascarpone.



Nejsme v tom sami. Vaříme společně, v síti restaurací Together.